ICE Logger

To measure the clinical experiences of medical students we created a web-based app that enables them to log ICD-10 codes, some demographics and notes very quickly and efficiently. This helps medical students capture diagnostic and procedural experience and add to the portfolios. It helps the medical school enhance the clinical years; and provides us with an instantaneous public health picture in rural Appalachia. This extensible tool has been applied to mass casualty triage and off-shore medical mission trips.


Available at The HelioBLAST text similarity engine finds text records that are similar to the submitted query. HelioBLAST uses a super-fast search engine, and this service is provided to demonstrate what can be done using text similarity searching while searching Mdeline/Pub Med. HelioBLAST can be customized to search a particular database or multiple ones; and proprietary databases can be created for individual clients.


We have established Linux compute servers as our main computational environment. With 100s of TB of storage and 100s of cores, we do a variety of genomic analysis. We have developed and are always enhancing a pipeline to continuously download nextgen DNA exome/whole genome data sets, rebuild them for accuracy, build loci variant profiles for various diseased and normal populations, and identify high-confidence informative and clinically actionable biomarkers. These discoveries lead to new genetic diagnostics and drug targets. Contact us to learn more.

More tools are in development